Use the small brush to paint the hard to reach part of your home

Roller-painting tools cannot be applied to any part of the wall, only in a large area. As for the difficult areas such as the corner of the room, use a two-inch wide brush. Next to the trick of painting flat is to make the movement of zig-zag from top to bottom repeatedly until the wall closed flat. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to visit if you prefer to hire the expert painting service near your area.

If you use Avitex wall paint do the application 2-3 layers. Why Avitex wall paint? Because Avitex is an interior wall paint with quality assured quality. Avitex paints the wall without mercury and without lead so it is safe for family members who move in the house.

Avitex wall paint has the best resin so it is not easy to peel. Use the color pigment of choice so as to produce bright colors. The most important anti-fungal, anti-moss and not easily faded.

The result of Avitex wall paint for dry time can be touched is 30 minutes, it depends on the circulation, temperature, and humidity of the air. For a perfect dry takes 8-12 hours.