This is the reason why you are not allowed to be in a room that uses an air conditioner

If you are in a room that uses air conditioners, then you will find many warnings that you should not smoke there. This is certainly for the air conditioner that is there not easily damaged and dirty. The presence of air conditioning service will indeed help you in dealing with dirty water conditioner. But keeping the water conditioner is certainly not something wrong.

There is a reason why a room that uses air conditioner should not be exposed to cigarette smoke. Therefore, cigarette smoke can make the air conditioner more easily dirty, and make the color of the indoor cover changed from the original color. Surely this can disrupt the original clean scenery to be a little dirty.

Even worse the nicotine contained in cigarette smoke can settle on the evaporator. So that the air becomes stuffy and cold that result by air conditioner becomes less maximal. Therefore avoid smoking in a room that uses the air conditioner as this is part of tips on caring for the tool.