Things to Consider When Buying New Phone

Are you seeking the cheapest phone? Before you continue to find out the best phone product, it would be better to first know how the good phone looks like and will be. Currently, the smartphone becomes one of the objects that are considered important for almost everyone in this world. Its functionality can provide ease in communicating although separated by distance, space and time or make it easy to get information that supports someone in education or work.

Despite the predicate that serves as a benchmark of a person’s lifestyle or social status. Smartphone selection needs to be considered and considered when it will be used for everyday activities. The following are common factors to consider when choosing the phone.


For screen or display selection, be sure to buy a smartphone that is bright enough when looking at it outdoors, and pretty sharp where the text does not look blurry while you’re surfing the web. If you buy a phone with a large screen, do not choose a resolution below 1920 x 1080p.

If you have the funds and can afford to buy at a higher price, look for a sharper HD 4800 x 1440 resolution. Note also the size of the screen. Do you want a bigger screen to be more satisfied when watching a movie or choose a screen with a small size that is easy to hold and carry?


The biggest problem with the use of mobile phones is the “quick dead” battery especially if it is used too often. As a solution, consider buying a smartphone with a dedicated charger that can charge the battery quickly, where it takes only a few minutes for charging.


Keep in mind, cheap smartphones facilitate storage space with a small capacity. We recommend you buy a mobile phone with a capacity of 64GB storage or more if you plan on uploading music and movies.

However, you do not need to worry because some Android phones also offer a microSD card slot that allows you to increase storage space, but sold separately.